Care Property Invest was established on the initiative of the Flemish government on 30 October 1995, under the name of Service flats Invest NV­­. The company’s objective is the construction and financing of service flats for public welfare centres and social non-profit organisations.

Since 25 November 2014, Care Property Invest has the status of a Public Regulated Real Estate Company under Belgian law (hereafter named public RREC).

The status change from a public property investment fund with fixed capital under Belgian law to the status of a public RREC was authorised by the FSMA on 1 October 2014 and subsequently approved by the shareholders at the extraordinary general meeting of 25 November 2014.

Today, Care Property Invest invests in all projects included in the residential care decree (residential care centres, service centres, assisted-living complexes, but also more generally in all forms of residential accommodation for people with disabilities.

The Care Property Invest shares are listed on Euronext Brussels.