The board of directors is composed as follows (latst update: 27/05/2020):

  • Paul Van Gorp-
    Paul Van Gorp- Chairman of the Audit Committee/ Non-executive and independent director
  • Caroline Riské-
    Caroline Riské- Non-executive and independent director
  • Brigitte Grouwels-
    Brigitte Grouwels- Non-executive and independent director
  • Willy Pintens-
    Willy Pintens- Executive Director
  • Dirk Van den Broeck-
    Dirk Van den Broeck- Executive Director
  • Peter Van Heukelom-
    Peter Van Heukelom- CEO/ Executive Director/
  • Mark Suykens-
    Mark Suykens- Chairman of the Board of Directors / Chairman of the nomination and remuneration committee / Non-executive Director
  • Filip Van Zeebroeck-
    Filip Van Zeebroeck- CFO - executive director

    +32 4 94 91 10 93

  • Valérie Jonkers-
    Valérie Jonkers- COO - executive director
  • Michel Van Geyte-
    Michel Van Geyte- Non-executive and independent director
  • Ingrid Ceusters-Luyten-
    Ingrid Ceusters-Luyten- Non-executive and independent director

Raad van bestuur

Mandate until after the general meeting of 2021 Mandate until after the general meeting of 2022
Mark Suykens, Chairman Peter Van Heukelom, CEO / Managing Director
Willy Pintens, Managing Director (Executive Director) Brigitte Grouwels, Non-Executive Director *
Dirk Van den Broeck, Managing Director (Executive Director) Carol Riské, Non-Executive Director *
Paul Van Gorp, Non-Executive Director *
Board of directors