Résidence des Ardennes

Rue du Bois de Loo 379, 6717 Attert, Belgium

Residential care centre with group of assisted living apartments with 150 residential places , 50 assisted living apart

Acquisition date:
My Assist
Contract type:
New long-term lease agreement of the « triple net» type
Duration of the contract:
29 year
150 residential places
50 assisted living apart
Located in the centre of Attert, near the border with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The project is 700 m away from the post office, town hall and several shops, restaurants and supermarkets. The project is easily accessible by car via the E25 (Liège-Bastogne-Aarlen/Arlon), the N87 (direction Parette) and the N4 (direction Aarlen/Arlon) as well as by public transport thanks to a bus stop right in front of the project.