Discover our initial investment program of 2.000 service flats

Serviceflats Invest, in the meanwhile renamed Care Property Invest, effectuated an investment program of 2,000 flats commissioned by the CPASs and charitable non-profit organisations.

The complete guidance, follow up and all related matters of the complete project have been central, from early start-up phase to the final “turn-key” delivery. During the whole building process, we followed up the complete administrative and contractual burden for the initiator, consisting of the construction license, the procurement, the Certificates of Practical Completion, the utility connections, the infrastructure works, etc., during the whole building process closely.

This guaranteed very personal casework and ongoing consultations.
Moreover, we’ve assured that the expenses were limited and audited throughout the complete duration of the project.

With the realisation of these service flats, we met the growing needs of a new generation of older people that are very attentive to staying self-reliant and independent as long as possible. Therefore residents can use a wide range of services. Furthermore, the latest technologies have elevated the level of comfort and security for older residents.
Finally, we’ve taken due care of design and architecture, with a critical eye for detail. Excellent technical quality was our absolute priority.

The CPAS or NPO that has created a service flats project with Serviceflats Invest, could receive subsidies from the Flemish Community and, if desired, also an intervention for the execution of infrastructure projects of the project (Article 80 of the Housing Code)

77 different projects, for which the CPAS or NPO receives an intervention of the Flemish Community, were listed initially in the investment programme of 2,000 flats.

What does such a project look like?

  • Situated ideally in the centre of the municipality and generally adjoined by a retirement home or a residential care campus;
  • An attractive architectural design;
  • Very functional service flats which demonstrate a high technical quality;
  • The flats are equipped with
    • an extremely comfortable bathroom in polyester,
    • a system of mechanical ventilation,
    • an individual home automation system.

Some numbers

Condition number
Built 76 projects (1,988 flats)
Initial investment programme of 2,000 service flats

Project Locations

Overview of all the projects realised within the investment programme of 2,000 flats.