Invitation to the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders 2023 

Care Property Invest (the ‘Company’ or ‘CP Invest’) announces the convening notice for the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders to be held on Wednesday 31 May 2023 at 11 a.m. (‘OGM’ or ‘Meeting’).

Documents relating to the OGM 2023
The full notice in pdf and all further information about this ordinary general meeting can be found on the website

Follow-up of the OGM 2023
As usual, the minutes will be available on our website after the OGM 2023.

We always put the interests of our shareholders first. And one of those interests is, of course, the dividend they receive. We would like to continue our steadfast history of dividend payments. As already indicated in previous communications, the Board of Directors of Care Property Invest will propose to the Ordinary General Meeting of 31 May 2023 to pay out a total gross dividend of €1.00 per share (net: €0.85 per share).

Care Property Invest would like to thank all its shareholders for the trust they have placed in it.