Care Property Invest celebrates a quarter century stock exchange listing on Euronext Brussels.

After celebrating our 25th anniversary last year, today we can also announce 25 years of being listed on Euronext Brussels. Care Property Invest was originally founded as Belgium’s first REIT. The objective was to offer mainly private individuals the opportunity to invest in a large portfolio of healthcare real estate and thus to activate the high volumes of savings in Flanders for a social purpose. After completing a construction programme of 2,000 assisted-living units for elderly people (service flats) for the Flemish Community, we broadened the social purpose in 2014, which allowed us to open up the activities to the private sector as well. Supported by these new opportunities, within seven years, we developed into the ambitious, international healthcare real estate player we are today. We have been building a sustainable share for 25 years now, with satisfied shareholders and a portfolio meeting our society’s care needs as our paramount foundations.

The link to the full press release can be found below:

Press release in pdf