Acquisition of shares

Ordinary Care Property Invest (*) shares are quoted on the continuous market of Nyse Euronext Brussels under ISIN-Code BE0974273055 (CPINV) and may be acquired by placing a stock order.

Stock quotes: Euronext Brussels ISIN-Code BE0974273055 (CPINV)

(*) Following the decision of the extraordinary meeting of 19 March 2014, (as of 24 March 2014) 1 (one) Serviceflats Invest share with ISIN-Code BE0003677888 (SER) is replaced by 1,000 (thousand) Care Property Invest shares with ISIN-Code BE0974273055 (CPINV).

Your advantage

Care Property Invest dividends were subject to 15% withholding tax until the end of 2015.

The reduced rate of withholding tax of 15% on dividends from residential regulated real estate companies was reviewed and increased to 27% from the 2016 tax year onwards.(law 26 December 2015).

Press release 10-06-2016: Investments in healthcare property (again) at 15% withholding tax

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Acquisition of shares